Our Products

V-TEK AXLE WEIGHER system is a low cost, easy to install and calibrate, accurate and low maintenance cost. AXLE WEIGHER sensors include fiber optical pressure / load sensor, piezo-electric pressure sensors, bending plate and mechanical frame.

The SHT-AXLE WEIGHER-2000 is a 3rd Generation multiprocessor-based intelligent system with distributed control of analog to digital operations The individual cards do the operation of its allocated fields and the combined results are being displayed through man to machine interface unit.

Weighing scales are used for precise measurements, and hence, the increasing awareness of consumers demand for weighing scale has increased. we are manufacturer and supplier of different type of weighbridges Some of our products are:
Portable weighbridge It is less expensive. we installed it on various location. It is easy to shift from one location to another location.
Axle weighbridge provides easiest method of obtaining axle weight of all types of vehicles either statically or dynamically. Single axle weighbridge can be operated statically or dynamically which gives the best result when weighing large vehicles.