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The V-TEK series digital static road weighbridges
Specification's Particulars
Construction Type

Rugged modular semibolted construction, Retrofit Mono/Dual/Multi steel deck/s. Welded anti skid ribs.
check post automation, vehicle classifieds
Pitless type

vehicle classification, load cells, load indicators
Pit type
Surface (Pitless)
Shallow pit mounted

Standard sizes
4.2 / 4.8m x 2.5m
6.7m x 3m
7.5m x 3m
GL 9 / 10m x 3m
12 / 15 / 16m x 3m
18 / 20m x 3m


Industrial Terminal

Load cell type

Protection class

Load cell output

Load cell cable

Nos. of Load Cells

Mounting system

Product assembly

Protective finish

Foundation parts

Safe side loads

Strength & safety

Side Rail Kerbing




Future Expansion
Wide open modular in semibolted construction
surface modular in semibolted construction 10 Tonnes to 150 Tonnes.


10 / 15 / MT
30 / 40 / 50 / 60 MT
40 / 50 / 60 / 80 MT
40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 MT
40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 MT
80 / 100 / 120 / 150 MT

Matrix - 9000 desktop
Zero tracking, motion detuctum, Rs-232C
auto tare, digital averaging.

Matrix - 9000 - Optional
Matrix - 9000
5 / 10 / 20 Kgs.

Flintec (German) Compression SS type
approvals - EX, FM OIML, NTEP

IP - 68

2 / 3 mv/v

10 / 15 / 18 meters standard.

4 / 6 / 8 / 10 nos.

Tantamount, self existing mounting using Self aligned loading/symmetry (Comp) SLC

Modular cubical web bolting design; retrofitted easily, in no time.

Prime : chemically innovative. structural : synthetic enamel. 3 stage coats

Special non-shrinking grouting materials used which are re- usable in relocations

100% on dead load

Overload protection        : 100% static load
load structural overload  : 100% static load

Optional in either side for vehicle guidance & safety

Best design Asthetics in Industry

Fastest installation and relocation due to retrofit semibolted construction

Based on RCC raft and side. Brick walles saving 40% construction costs and time

can be explanded / co converted up to 24 mtr length

Design Structure : Complete all Steel structure, fabricated to form a box type squarish grid network in semi bolted construction covered with M.S. Plates duly ribbed. A rugged cubical web unique modular design. The modules consists of Steel deep section main "I" Beams, which are placed longitudinally in the direction of the traffic, which take the real weight. The load cells are mounted under these main beams. Cross 'H' beam modules are bolted / welded crosswise, carefully fabricated in rigid box type grid work to prevent deflection and distortion, even on overloads. Retrofit cubical web design is symmertrical axle load bearing, where the deck plate acts as a surface skin rather than part of the load bearing structure underneath. The sophisticated design is unmatched performance that others can only hope to emulate. vishwakarma has been manufacturing high quality products for over 3 decades having design, development machining, fabrication, assembly, testing & calibration, all in house; allows us to serve our customer's best requirements.

VISHWAKARMA  Modular Weighbridge: Pit & Pitless types

A second generation of  digital V-TEK Series weighbridges this almost portable weighbridge is constructed from high-strength mild steel  structure  fabricated in adequate sectional length/s connecting few sections together create different sizes upto 24 m and capacities upto 200 MT  on all models. This  is  a boon  to  the  Road Construction / mining  /EPC sector   where frequent  relocation is  a common  feature and Foundation costs  are  minimal  in comparison to the  conventional Pit types/ surface mounted foundations comprise flat solid raft with concrete approach ramps. The  complete weighbridge can  be disassembled & re-assembled within  few  hours  making  installation  a light  hearted  affair .
road weigh in motion systems, dynamic weighing systems

Semi Bolted Pit Less/Pit


Steel Pit type Weighbridges : Suitable for use in areas of limited space, the PIT weighbridge is constructed with two main longitudinal steel I-Beams that are braced very rigidly with more smaller I-Beams transversely bearing I beam sections in adequate nos and finally topped up with MS plates to complete the structure suitable for permanent type installations .Ground level deck provides safe access for trucks and personnel. Looking for immense load bearing strength with minimum of maintenance! Then a Concrete weighbridge is the ideal choice. Our concrete weighbridge enable throughputs of bulk materials and are designed to keep installation, maintenance and operation as simple as possible.

Steel Pit type Weighbridges

Pitless Weighbridges : A low profile weighbridge that is versatile and easy to install, the structure is almost identical as the former. But because it is elevated, maintenance works are far easier. However  the  land   required  for  this is  more  as the  approach ramps on both ends are a must This type of weighbridge is particularly suitable if  the  site  conditions are hazardous ,rocky soil  conditions  also  if  relocation of site is anticipated.

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